Fishing association Oudesluis



As Treasurer, and (now site manager) of HSV "De Poel" is my all welcome you to our website.

The design of this website is to promote our fishing club for anglers among us. This is not only for our active members as well as any new members and we also strive to get youth to fishing.

HSV "De Poel" was founded on 12.12.1948, we are 74 years this year.

Our board consists of:

Chairman: J. Roels

Secretary: P. Slik

Treasurer: F. Schurer

Board members: J.M. Mink, H. Schipper, R. Dijkstra

What we all do so in one year.

* For the A members among us there is a compotitie of 15 games (whitefish and perch)

    Centenpot the contest, and jaarlijkste Surprise Contest (party).

* For youth in Oudesluis "langsedag the" fishing competition

    (in collaboration Foundation Youth sports promotion Oudesluis)


Since we are still busy with the website, it is possible that not all information can be found on the site, see you find a mistake or have information or pictures you want on the site, send it as a email: hsvdepoel@me.com

Enjoy the site and along the waterfront.

Everything is translated with google translate there might be a typo in it.

Alles ist mit google translate übersetzt wird es vielleicht ein Tippfehler drin sein.

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